Search for Website Visited Before (Feb 2015)

When you want to return to a website page previously visited a few days or more than a week ago, you can search for it in the history of visited sites. The browsers I am going to cover are Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. The search from the start menu does not include web sites visited. However each browser has a way to search the history of where you’ve been, provided you have not deleted browsing history. Of course, you can always set a favorite, but you may not have remembered to do that.

To search history in Internet Explorer, click Favorites, a star icon. The location can be on the right or left of the top, depending on the version of Internet Explorer you have. Next click the History tab and click the drop down arrow next to View by Date and pick Search History at the end of the menu. Type what you want to find in the search box.

In Google Chrome, Click the menu icon , at the upper right, Click History; or just Press Ctrl+H. Type what you want to find in the search history box at the top. In Google Chrome the history shows all the places, except secure ones, you’ve visited on all your computers and devices (phones). (A secure site’s URL begins begins with "https", meaning the user name and password typed in will be encrypted before sent to our server.) 2014-01-28 Mel Babb