In Excel, Remove Extra Pages That Print (Aug 2014)

To get rid of extra pages that print blank at the end of your spreadsheet, and mess up the page numbering, the trick is to reset the last cell used in the spreadsheet. To do this, copy the macro listed here, and paste it into the macro sheet. Follow the instructions in the macro below.
Note: lines in bold type are instructions or explanation. (These instructions are for Excel 2010, you may need to make some adjustments for other versions.)

To Remove extra pages
1. From the spreadsheet, press Alt F+11 to go to VBA (macro) sheet.
    If you forget how to get to the macro, choose View, Macros, Click Step into.     Press Alt+Q to exit back to spreadsheet.
2. Click Insert, Module from menu
3. Copy and paste all this macro into the blank area
4. To be able to run this macro from another workbook, open the workbook
    it is in as well as the workbook you want to use it in.

Sub Reset_LastCell()
End Sub

5. Press Alt+Q to exit back to spreadsheet
6. Press Alt+F8 to open macro list
7. Select Reset_Last Cell and Click Run or Press Enter

After you run the macro, to test it, Press Ctrl+End. To go back to the top, Press Ctrl+Home. When you close, Choose, File, SaveAs. Change “File as type” to “Macro-enabled Workbook (*.xlsm)” When you open the spreadsheet, Click “Enable Macros”. 2014-08-14