Ways to Enlarge the Screen (July 2014)

Windows 7 has a much improved Magnifier function to make the screen or a part of it as big as you need – even the parts that don’t enlarge when you use the Ctrl+Wheel. You do know about Ctrl+wheel, don’t you? Hold Ctrl and push the wheel away from you, the screen enlarges; hold Ctrl and pull the wheel toward you and the screen shrinks.

Use the keys Ctrl+Plus(+) and Ctrl+Minus(-) to do the same thing.

To return a browser (like Internet explorer) to 100%, Press Ctrl+0.

On a laptop with a touchpad, hold Ctrl and drag a finger up and down the right side of the touchpad. Use trial and error to find out how much pressure to use. (This feature can be turned off and on on most laptops under Mouse, Device Settings.)

In a help box, the size of type can be increased by clicking the “Change font size” .

Now to the Magnifier….

This will enlarge the ribbon at the top and drop down menus, and the taskbar at the bottom. In browsers it will enlarge the address bar so an audience can see it if you are showing something from a website. Just the first time, Click Start and type mag in the search space at the bottom. A list will appear. Then pin the magnifier icon to the taskbar. Right click the icon and pick “Pin this program to the taskbar” In the future, just click on the icon to open the magnifier.

Click Magnifier. If the screen is suddenly too big,

Press the Windows  Win key and minus (-), screen zooms out, Press Win key and plus (+), screen zooms in.

  To exit the magnifier press Win key + Esc.  To turn it on Click on Magnifier icon .

To help locate where you are in the screen press Ctrl+Alt+Spacebar to zoom out to full screen and back.

Go here to see a video about other options and ways to work Magnifier, http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows7/Make-items-on-the-screen-appear-bigger-Magnifier

Then scroll down the page and click Show all. You can then print the instructions on how to work the magnifier, if you wish.  2014-06-30