Not only do students learn, they get document problems straightened out
and find much easier ways to get things accomplished.
Here are examples and some kind words from them.

Many more comments have come from the hundreds of students Mel Babb has worked with. One of the big advantages of one-on-one tutoring is that not only does the problem get fixed, the student learns how to prevent it from happening again and gets customized notes for future reference. A tutor can quickly assess what students want to do, what their skill levels are, and what they need to know to reach their goal. Tutors are much more time effective and satisfying than wading through a book or searching vast hits on Google looking for the answer. The tutor teaches just what the student wants at the time they want it.


Word: An author with a 102 page book with endnotes wanted to put a footnote on just a couple pages. He had spent hours fiddling with it. We provided a solution in 10 minutes.

Word: An author with a deadline had a 150 page manuscript with formatting problems caused by inserting files into it. She had worked unsuccessfully for days before calling us in. In 2.25 hours, the whole thing was fine-tuned.

Excel: A student who was shown how to use the transpose feature in Excel, exclaimed "if I'd known that a month ago, I would've saved myself 2 days worth of work!!"

Word: An author with a 100+ page book was unable to remove black lines going across the page on some pages. After hours of struggling with it, she asked us for help. In 5 minutes we removed the lines.

Outlook: A salesman was maintaining contacts in Outlook and also in a spreadsheet so he could print a list the way he wanted it to be. He was taught how to print and display exactly what he wanted in Outlook, thus saving him countless hours of double work.

Email: Clients have learned how to move their email from a webmail server like Yahoo, MSN, SBC, AOL to a PC based desktop email program, like Microsoft Outlook. This has allowed them to take advantage of Managing Email faster, sorting it very quickly, and using more features for filtering and filing mail.

Excel: A 20,000+ name and address list was cleaned up with a bit of programming and the use of formulas and functions, reducing the clean up work from 18 hours to 1 hour.

Comments from Students

Specific one-on-one tutoring is far more time effective than classroom training for me. It helped me immensely, considering I was educated prior to the advent of personal computers. The customized notes I received mean I’m able to “remember” what to do whenever I need it.

Harvey Mohr, Senior Petroleum Engineer, Technip, Inc.
Former Owner & CEO Mohr Engineering

I’m pleased to report that I’ve learned important functions of my computer from a computer tutor extraordinare. After eight years of getting by computer use, I am confident now to try more on my own. Anyone who feels they are where I was -- able to get by, but not really proficient and scared to try almost anything unknown -- can profit greatly from Mel's genius at tutoring.

Lou Moskowitz -- Whole Life Guide

Having Mel Babb as my personal computer tutor has helped me quickly master complicated features in Word when I need them. I do large (several hundred pages long) engineering documents. She’s taught me tips and tricks to make graphics behave, automatically fill-in blanks, how to control tables and fine tune tables of contents. Now I use templates, styles, outline numbering and auto pop-up boxes with confidence. Her tutoring has certainly been a time saver for me.

Mary Ann Carroll
Turner Collins and Brady

My first tutoring session with Mel was one of the nicest days I've had in a long time! I changed over 300 headings in 30 seconds as well as learned many other very useful tasks on my PC. and I got notes from her too on how to do it all again in case I forget.

Waverly Evans
Massage Therapist