One-on-One Tutoring with Customized Notes

We deliver on-site computer tutoring at your desk on specific tasks and features you want to learn. As you learn by doing, the steps are documented so you have a customized reference guide. Some call what we provide computer productivity coaching.

Frequently your exact need is not covered in a tutorial or book. Many times, a class proceeds at the pace of the slowest learner for each feature covered and you may not have time for a class. With Microsoft training and other software training materials, things are emphasized to pass their certification tests or expose the learner to new features, which may not be what the student needs to know.

A tutor can go right to what you want and lead you through what's needed to accomplish your task. Tutoring is the most effective timely way to learn. And the customized notes make the learning repeatable. To see what kinds of things you might want to learn see the CLASSES list.